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About Me

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I've been a resident of L.A. for over 7 years. I got my start in fitness however in the United States Air Force. Starting with a frame of 6'4" and 148lbs, I had a lot of work ahead of me. In less then 4 years, with proper training and nutrition, I added 100lbs of lean muscle!


It was in the military, where I started to then help people change their bodies for the better, not just my own, and helped my clients achieve their fitness goals too.  As a trainer, I have helped many people of all shapes, sizes & athletic ability to look and feel better.  Also, I have yet to come across a dissatisfied client from my services, which is both a true blessing and a testament to my level of dedication, passion, and knowledge as a Certified Personal Trainer.

I am currently certified through NFPA (National Fitness Professional’s Association) and CPR Certified Through the Red Cross.
For more information about NPFA, please click on their icon below!!
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