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Remember the 70/30 rule. Results are 70% diet and 30% working out. 

What you put into your body is so important to help you achieve your fitness goals. Let me help guide you with a diet program that fits you! 



- Protein and water are the ultimate sources of fuel for your muscles.


- Lean meats like chicken and fish provie 4 calories per gram of protein.


- Limit or avoid red meat to help keep your cholesterol and blood pressure low, keeps your heart healthy and

  increases longevity.


Complex Carbs


- THE best kind of carb to feed your body.

- Pasta (preferably whole wheat)

- Whole grains

- Potatoes (not the french-fried version)

- Veggies

- Nuts & seeds

Simple Carbs (i.e. BAD)

- White bread

- Juice

- Sugar

- Jam

- Soda

- Packaged cereals

- Chocolate



Fats are absolutely necessary for your body to function properly. Fats provide 9 calories of energy per gram, which is more than twice as much as carbs and protein.- Approximately 15-30% of your meal plan should be comprised of unsaturated fat from healthy sources.  Proteins stay in your stomach for 2-3 hours, while fats last for 4-5 hours


Hydration Facts


- It takes 22 ounces of water to metabolie only 1 ounce of fat.

- Drink AT LEAST 64 to 80 ounces (8 to 10 full glasses) of water per day.

- If you wait unil you are thirsty to drink water, you are VERY dehydrated.

- Without proper hydration, you will not burn fat for energy. Instead, your body will breakdown muscle and become fatigued   and turn it into fat.

- Without water during exercise, your body tires more easily and it will effect your performance.

- Though there are many different types of sports beverages out there, water is the ultimate sports drink.



- It is almost impossible to receive our daily needs through food alone.

- Taking vitamins and minerals help the body function on a higher and healthier level.

- Vitamin B1 helps the body convert carbs into energy, helping the heart and brain cells function properly.

- Vitamin C helps keep teeth and gums healthy, aids iron absorption and helps wounds heal. It also acts as an           antioxidant.

- Iron helps carry the red blood cells through the body. If you are low in iron, you will have shortness of breath and fatigue     more easily.

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