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Fitness Programs

Tone & Sculpting Program


Designed Specifically To Help You:


- Tone & Sculpt All Muscle Groups Evenly

- Shed unwanted fat

- Increase overall strength & energy levels

- Improve blood flow, strength & energy            levels

- Sleep better


This is a 12-week 4-5 days/week program.  It will involve concentrated movements to maximize lean muscle growth and will include nutrition guidance.

Fat Burning Program


Designed Specifically To Help You:


- Increase your energy levels

- Lower LDL cholesterol level

- Reduce high blood pressure

- Improve range of motion & flexibility

- Improve sleep habits

- Gain self-confidence


This program is a carefully tailored cardiovascular & light resistance training program.  It is a 12 week program, 5-6 days per week to include nutrition guidance.

Muscle Building Program 


Designed Specifically To Help You:


- Stack on lean muscle mass

- Improve muscular strength & endurance

- Improve flexibility

- Learn safe explosive weight training              techniques

- Increase your stamina in "burn-out" sets

- Increase your maximum muscle pump


This program is an intense 12-week, 4-5 day/week program that will include nutrtition & supplementation guidance.


Contact for rates and package specials. 


Ask about Military/Student/Couples discount!

Remember - No gym membership required!

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