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Testimonials....WILL YOU BE THE NEXT ONE?


"Shon is dedicated to fitness on all levels. His patience and ability to give me the little "push" I need without being too "pushy" is a perfect level. I may not always be excited about our workouts, but I am definitely excited about the results! Thanks Shon!

Kimberly B. - RN


"I look forward to every workout with Shon. His passion for and expertise in the world of fitness shows in his incredible energy and drive throughout every session. The results I've achieved are due to Shon's excellent combination of diverse exercises, and an individualized program; developing and tailoring workouts based on my specific goals and needs. He provides a challenging yet achievable workout every time, allowing me to surprise myself and surpass my goals. Shon is the real deal".

Jessica S. - Pilates instructor/ Professional dancer


"Training with Shon has been great! I have abs now!!"

Michael M. 


"For so long I procrastinated. Finally I found Shon. I saw the results he had, and wanted the same, so I got started. HE WOULDN'T LET ME QUIT ON MYSELF. In one word AMAZING! I lost 30lbs while redcuing my bodyfat to under 20%!"

James S. - Corporate VP 


"He not only helped me get in shape, and lose unwanted baby weight, but now fitness has become a part of my life. What are you waiting for? Contact Shon today!!!" 

Debbie A. - Mother of 3

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